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Costs, Guidelines, and Suggestions for Rescheduling GRE Exam Dates

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Do you feel as if time is running out before the big test? I can relate to how you feel. The GRE is a challenging and intimidating test, but you must take it eventually. However, what if something catastrophic occurs on exam day? What if you are unable to find the time to prepare? Can the GRE be rescheduled easily? Before you proceed rescheduling your GRE because you are not prepared, consider paying our experts to write the GRE exam for you.

Instructions for Rescheduling GRE Examination Dates

Online scheduling is the fastest and most convenient method for rescheduling the GRE (computer or paper version). With the exception of China, all countries that administer the GRE let test-takers to seek registration changes through the ETS website.The good news is that it is possible to alter your GRE dates. However, whether you should postpone is a another matter. This guide will instruct you on how to reschedule your GRE exam. You can also consider paying our experts to write the GRE exam for you instead of delaying yourself. In addition, we will examine rescheduling fees, how rescheduling procedures vary by country, and when it is permissible (and not) to delay the GRE.

Can you postpone your GRE exam?

The immediate response is “yes.” ETS (which administers the GRE) permits test-takers to reschedule GRE exam dates provided certain criteria are satisfied. The majority of countries that administer the GRE have very identical requirements.


To reschedule, you must complete the steps below:

  • Choose a date within a year of your original test date. The GRE runs on a rotating 365-day basis. If your examination is scheduled on November 5, you may reschedule it until November 5 of the following year. In contrast, the paper GRE (offered in countries where the computerized version is unavailable) is only administered three times each year; consequently, you must reschedule your GRE for any day within the same testing year (July 1 to June 30).
  • You must pay a $50 charge to reschedule (more on this in the next section).
  • Submit your request at least four days before your test appointment (10 days prior for China). On instance, if your GRE test is scheduled for a Friday, you must reschedule it by the following Monday. If you do not reschedule your test date by this time, you will forfeit the fee.


How much does it cost to reschedule the GRE?

Regrettably, changing your test date is not inexpensive. In all countries outside China, test-takers must pay a charge of $50 to reschedule a GRE date, time, or place. This cost is additional to the $205 examination charge. Thus, you would spend a total of $255 to reschedule a GRE date and take the test once. $53.90 is the fee for rescheduling a GRE date, time, or test location in mainland China.

It is crucial to remember that each transaction (i.e., each time you seek one or more GRE registration revisions) costs $50. In other words, if you change both your GRE test date and test facility at the same time, you will only be charged $50 instead of $100.

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However, if you change both your GRE test date and test location, you will be charged an additional $100, or $50 per transaction. To save time and money, it is advisable to make any revisions to your GRE registration in a single session.


How to Modify GRE Dates Online

  • Sign in to your ETS Account and visit your homepage to get started:


  • Select the test you want to reschedule from the “Upcoming Tests” section. You will be sent to a website with your appointment details, including your name, appointment number, test location, date, and time. Under “Actions” in the right column, choose “Reschedule Appointment.”


  • On the subsequent page, you may pick a date range and search for an expansive region or a specific testing institution. Click “Find Available Test Centers and Dates” when you are finished. You’ll see something similar:


  • You may now pick a specific GRE test day, time, and place. You may choose any day within one year of your first exam date. If seats are available, choose “Register.” A new window will popup asking whether you are sure you want to change your exam date. Choose “Yes” to proceed, or “No” to return to the list of possible test dates.




  • After deciding on a new date, just follow the instructions to pay the $50 rescheduling fee, and you’re done!

With the exception of China, these rules apply to all nations that administer the GRE exam. Those rescheduling their GRE exam dates in mainland China must use their NEEA accounts (which are different from ETS accounts) and pay $53.90 each transaction. Requests must be submitted at least 10 days before the date of the first examination. If you submit your request after this period, you will forfeit the test fee ($220.70 in China). Why waste so much money? Contact us now and pay someone to take the GRE exam for you, its cheap and affordable than rescheduling!



Other GRE Rescheduling Options


Although rescheduling your GRE test date online is the quickest and most convenient method, different countries offer varying alternatives. Prepare to supply your full name and confirmation number for all of the following methods (which you can find online on your ETS Account).


The phone number or location you call depends on the nation in which you are taking the GRE:


Dial 1-800-473-2255 to contact Prometric Services from the United States (including Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, and Guam) or Canada.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea: ETS is accessible through the GRE Services website. You may get out to us using any of the channels listed in the “General Inquiries” section. For further information, examinees in Korea might consult the “Contact Information for Examinees in Korea” section.

Mainland China: In China, there are no other possibilities for delaying a GRE test date. All Chinese GRE exam-takers who want to amend their test dates must do so using their NEEA accounts.

To reschedule their GRE, students from all other nations should contact their Regional Registration Center (RRC).


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