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The test helper toefl from us-the best toefl proxy agents,can get the desired test scores for international students in the shortest time.

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test helper toefl is the best way for you to succeed

If you are still concerned about your poor English skills, are disappointed by your preferred institution’s high score criteria, and need additional study time. OnlineTaker’s toefl test helper is your best bet.

our mission

Get high marks for every student!


1vs1 personalized insurance scheme

Are you skeptical about your ability to match the score requirements of your preferred institution? Don’t worry! OnlineTaker has attracted more than 1300 TOEFL proxy professionals in the last decade. We have also created a thorough roadmap for the service procedure. We will organize relevant toefl exam helpers, and varied toefl proxy test taking schemes for TOEFL examinees based on their various test help examination needs to give them a 100% high score guarantee for the TOEFL examination.


Safe, reliable, and after-sales

Applicants who pay someone to take toefl must incur significant risks. But, OnlineTaker has planned and prepared some countermeasures. Except for professional toefl exam helpers,We created an SSS enterprise-level personal information security system and a dependable third-party payment channel. The remote test-taking software is developed entirely by us. To guarantee the smooth completion of the TOEFL, we will manage the danger of international students using the TOEFL test-taking; of course, if the TOEFL test-taking scores fail to meet expectations, OnlineTaker,as the best toefl proxy agents,will also offer secure after-sales services for international students..


Fair price, no fraud

Professional TOEFL toefl proxy agents, like OnlineTaker, have best toefl proxy test takers for hire and rigorous service pricing structures. Applicants should be reassured that we will not begin or raise the price at random. We will give thorough service pricing information for applicants before “hiring someone to take toefl for me” service begins since toefl test takers for hire service charges vary depending on candidates’ economic position and the exchange rate between nations. We have also established a payment plan to inform overseas students..

Our Platform

The TOEFL test is difficult.Pay someone to take toefl for you.

Pay someone to take toefl for me

As we all know, pay someone to take my online toefl exam service is a ubiquitous service item in the foreign market. Do you want to get the desired TOEFL test score quickly? It is the fastest way to contact TOEFL test helpers from OnlineTaker. For your safety, OnlineTaker will install our exclusive remote toefl cheating software. It combines the features of the TOEFL invigilation system and can fully match the examinee’s computer system. The examinee does not have to worry about its security. It is different from the toefl ibt home edition cheating tool recorded on the market. It is just a data package that can avoid the AI invigilation test so that the TOEFL test-taking can be carried out smoothly. After the cheating on toefl task is completed, The relevant test-taking software will be automatically deleted without leaving a trace.Just call us,and say:take my toefl exam for me!

Platform Features

  • Strict personal information protection
  • Senior TOEFL iBT  test helpers
  • 24/7 online

Dear test takers, you can rest assured about the taking your toefl security issues. Our protection mechanism adopts professional SSS enterprise encryption means and will also arrange strict training for candidates before the toefl exam proxy service starts. So far, OnlineTaker has not failed the toefl test takers for hire service due to the arrest of candidates. Of course, we also have an emergency braking scheme for emergencies. It can reduce the risk for candidates.

Dear test takers, I’m very sorry. There is no precedent for TOEFL test-taking institutions to make payment after completion. While you are worried about the formality of the institution, we will also be concerned about your integrity. Therefore, if you need to pay someone to take toefl,before the TOEFL test help service starts, it is our greatest sincerity that the examinee pays 50% of the cheating in toefl exam service fee as a deposit.

Dear test takers, TOEFL test helpers from OnlineTaker serve many test countries worldwide. Different test requirements and market economies will lead to different toefl proxy service prices. Therefore, please forgive us for not being able to give toefl test takers for hire service prices without knowing the specific requirements of the examinees.Hire someone to take your toefl from us will cost you $300-$800,You can contact us for details about the “hiring someone to take toefl for me”fee.

Dear test takers, our toefl proxy test taking service prices are based on the independent needs of the candidates. If you need the oral test help service, you must explain at the beginning. All the service prices are included in the service list. Our TOEFL oral test help will not be charged separately, but we will repeatedly confirm the test help scheme with you in consideration of the operability of the TOEFL oral test help.

Dear test takers, the success of the toefl proxy test taking service is an eight to two probability for the institutions and examinees. Under the condition that the toefl proxy test takers institution is incredible, as long as the examinees do an excellent job in answering the questions without the examiner’s attention, they are highly likely to succeed and will not cancel their TOEFL test scores without reason. Of course, if your TOEFL test score is canceled, you need to call or email ETS the first time to confirm the specific cause.

Dear test takers, during the TOEFL test, the invigilator has the right to ask for an inspection of the test room countless times, so please do not panic too much. Of course, if you are using the toefl proxy test takers service, you must pay special attention to whether your actions or eyes have aroused the suspicion of the invigilator. Generally, as long as the invigilator does not have enough evidence to prove that you have used the toefl test takers for hire or cheating on toefl home edition during the TOEFL test, There is no problem in scoring typically, so don’t worry too much. Remember that too much worry in the TOEFL test-takingwill lead to more weaknesses.

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