How to cheat on online gre/toefl/duolingo exam?

Candidates need to comprehensively investigate the price, safety, quality, and service process of relevant test-taking institutions in the market with an apparent demand for the test.

After the test help examination institution is finalized, candidates need to provide specific information about the test help examination to the website staff, For example, (time, place, score requirements, method, and history of the test).

We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the fee for the test help service while arranging suitable test help experts for you; If there is no objection, the examinee shall pay 50% of the test help service price in advance as a deposit.

The test-taking tools we provide are exclusively developed by us and can be installed through remote control. Candidates need to conduct training and improve their psychological quality before the test-taking service starts.

On the day of the test help test, candidates need to contact the test-taking expert of test in advance to make personal settings and examination room inspections. During the test help test, remember to cooperate with the test-taking expert of test in answering questions.

After the test help is completed, the examinee can wait 2 working days to get the relevant scores. The examinee can pay 50% of the service fee if the scores are up to the standard.

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I got a high score of 110+ on the TOEFL exam, which surprised me; I would like to especially thank our test-taking expert, Luna, who is excellent and patient. She helped me solve the problems of the TOEFL exam and gave me many tips to learn English during the service period, which improved my English knowledge. I want to share my experience with OnlineTaker with the world.

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Yale University

When I stumbled upon the OnlineTaker website, I didn’t know that getting high marks on the Duolingo exam was so easy. You are awesome! I just gave my exam information and requirements, and they helped me get the results of the Duolingo exam. I can’t believe Jack was very patient during the test help arrangement, even though I was initially nervous. But with his training and help, I successfully improved my state of mind and serenity. Thanks to my friend who introduced OnlineTaker to me. Otherwise, I would still be worried about which country to take the IELTS exam.

Rick Rock
Johns Hopkins University

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University of Toronto

I have to say, your service attitude during the whole process is outstanding. I still can’t believe that my GRE scores came so easily. Thanks to the test help professional you arranged for me. He was diligently and attentively on call. When setting up the GRE online examination room, he started to help from the side and communicated online throughout the process. The waiting time each time is not more than the 60s. This is a very safe experience, and I hope OnlineTaker will remain the same.

Nick Duffy
Princeton University