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Many students view the GRE test as one of life’s great challenges, so what is it?The GRE test is a graduate school entrance exam that examines the candidate’s ability in three main areas: verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and writing. It is safe to say that the GRE is crucial for students who want to enter graduate programmes. Just preparing for the GRE is not an easy task; candidates need to understand the various sections of the GRE and acquire the relevant test-taking skills. Candidates also need to familiarise themselves with the format and timings of the GRE in order to cope better in the exam. In the process, some candidates boost their test scores with practical GRE books and online resources, some choose to pay for tutoring classes to break improve their test-taking skills, and others choose to pay online test helper to take the GRE instead of them to get a higher score. Regardless of what kind of GRE test help candidates choose, it is important to ensure its safety and the effect of improving scores.Onlinetaker is a famous GRE cheating website, we have the safest GRE proctoru cheating services.If candidates want to challenge the high score of the GRE, choosing our cheating services can be faster, We have the safest GRE proctoru cheating services.

1. How is the GRE Proctoru proctored?

The GRE online test uses ProctorU as a third-party proctoring platform, which is mainly responsible for monitoring the behaviour of test takers during the online test. How is the GRE proctored through Proctoru? The following are some of the main rules and requirements for proctoring:

1) Equipment and environment: ProctorU requires candidates to check their equipment and environment before taking the exam. GRE online exams require the use of professional equipment with a camera and microphone to ensure that remote proctors can clearly see the candidates and the environment of the exam room through the camera.
2) Candidate image: ProctorU will video record the entire test to preserve evidence. Candidates need to avoid items or symbols on camera that may reveal their personal identity, such as school names and names. It is also important to avoid behaviour on camera that could be interpreted as cheating.
3) Remote Proctoring: ProctorU remote proctors will video call candidates before the start of the examination to ensure that they fulfil all the requirements of the examination During this process, candidates are expected to remain online and ensure that the proctors have a clear view of the candidate’s face.
4) Prohibited Behaviour: ProctorU explicitly prohibits any form of GRE test at home cheating, including but not limited to: prohibiting candidates from using search engines, sharing screens, remote access in addition to prohibiting any form of plagiarism, bringing extraneous items into the examination room, and other behaviours.

Overall, ProctorU’s proctoring rules and requirements are to ensure the fairness and integrity of the GRE online test and to prevent any form of cheating.



2. What should I do when taking the GRE online test?

On the day of taking the GRE online test, candidates should have their identification documents ready to be placed on the desktop, and then clear the desktop of all other items not related to the test. Candidates should log in to the GRE website 30 minutes before the scheduled test time, and note that they must be online on time, and will be disqualified for taking the test if they are more than 15 minutes late. After the test taker clicks Start Test, the system will take a picture of the test taker, which will be sent to the sending school along with the test taker’s transcript in the future. Next, the system will ask for a photo of the candidate’s identity document. Once the identity verification has been passed, the system will prompt the candidate to follow the system instructions to download and install the ProctorU invigilation programme. (Tips: This session can be time-consuming, so it is best for candidates to download the proctoring programme in advance).

Next the candidate just needs to follow the steps to complete the ProctorU testing device and wait for the invigilator to establish the connection. The remote invigilator will not show his/her face, but may talk to the candidate via voice call and ask to check the candidate’s test environment and computer. Candidates may request to communicate with the invigilator by text chat if their English listening or speaking skills are not up to scratch. The invigilator will ask the candidate to use a webcam to take pictures of the computer screen, the examination desk, the underside of the desk, the doorway, etc. After checking the examination environment, the invigilator will apply for remote control of the candidate’s keyboard and mouse through the invigilation programme. At this time, the candidate should allow the invigilator to operate the computer and accept the invigilator’s inspection of the computer to ensure that all irrelevant programmes have been closed. After all pre-test checks are completed, the proctor will enter the ETS Test Browser, enter the code to unlock the test, and the candidate will begin answering questions.


3. GRE cheating challenges high scores

Does GRE online cheating come with a score guarantee? We are not sure if other GRE cheating sites can guarantee scores, but Onlinetaker can confidently and solemnly promise candidates that as long as they ask for the desired GRE score, gre exam helpers in our website can help you succeed in getting it. Our GRE cheating service not only challenges high scores and produces scores more efficiently, but it also allows candidates to get the best test cheating security in a stress-free manner.

Because the GRE online test is proctored through Proctoru, Onlinetaker’s technical team has conducted very in-depth research on Proctoru, summed up its proctoring rules and precautions, and developed a GRE remote cheating plugin that can easily evade Proctoru and remote proctors’ proctoring. Please rest assured that our cheat plug-ins are not the usual plug-ins, but our website’s original technology. Since we started using our original GRE remote cheat technology, we have never been caught cheating on the GRE, so we can confidently assure all test takers that it is safe to cheat. We can say that our GRE proctoru cheating service is far ahead of more than 90% of the cheating websites. How to cheat on GRE at home? As long as we wait until the official start of the exam, the candidate’s exclusive GRE exam helper will use the cheat plugin to connect to the candidate’s computer, and then get all the GRE exam questions on the candidate’s computer. The exam helper will quickly send the correct answers to the test taker in a unique way, and the test taker will be able to get the score he or she wants by answering the questions according to the correct answers.

Just though the exam helper will accompany the test taker through the test, the test taker also needs to be careful during the test and not to make any moves that can easily cause misunderstanding. According to some cases of failed GRE at home cheating, test takers should be extra careful with their eyes after the test starts, and it is better to keep looking at the computer screen instead of looking around. Candidates should also not shake their arms and heads from time to time, as these movements will be very obviously caught by the ProctorU and remote proctors.

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