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How do Duolingo test takers manage to cheat?

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The Duolingo English Test (DET) is a home-administered English test that provides proof of language proficiency for students planning to study abroad. During the epidemic, many students who plan to study abroad need to take language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, but it is difficult to take the exam as scheduled because of the epidemic. At the same time, Duolingo English Test, with its convenient test format and competitive test price, has made many students choose to take the Duolingo Test. At present, the Duolingo English test has been recognized by more than 3,500 institutions and programs around the world. However, although the Duolingo test is simpler and more convenient than IELTS and TOEFL, there are still many people who cannot pass the Duolingo test at one time. How do Duolingo test takers manage to cheat? How to stay safe from cheating?

Why take the Duolingo exam?

In recent years, more and more people have taken the Duolingo test. The reasons for taking the Duolingo test may include: Candidates want to improve their language proficiency and enhance their communication skills with foreigners; Candidates want to improve their ability to communicate in an international environment Competitiveness and more opportunities for international work and study; the certificate for taking the exam is a diploma that proves one’s own language proficiency, which is helpful for personal development when applying for a job or promoting a position.

Duolingo Exam Content and Exam Format

The content of Duolingo exams may vary by exam type and level. Generally speaking, the Duolingo test includes five aspects of listening, speaking, reading, writing and video interview. The test time is 60 minutes. The test time distribution is 5 minutes for understanding the rules, 45 minutes for listening, speaking, reading and writing , 10-minute video interview.

Duolingo exam questions mainly include the following types:
  • choose the correct word;
  • spell out the missing letters;
  • Spell out what you hear;
  • read the sentence;
  • Say the English words that describe each image;
  • Answer the question in at least 50 words;
  • describe the image in at least one sentence;
  • Be prepared to answer questions for at least 30 seconds.

Duolingo Exam Requirements and Standards

The Duolingo test is a fully online test that is administered at home through a computer and webcam. Candidates do not need to make an appointment or go to the test centre to take the test. The Duolingo test adopts adaptive computer technology, and the following questions are generated based on the correct rate of candidates’ previous answers. Therefore, the English proficiency of candidates can be detected in a relatively short period of time, and candidates can get their scores within 48 hours of completing the Duolingo test.

Duolingo Exam Process

1) Quick prep (5 minutes):

Candidate identity verification (photographing of the front, display of certificates, etc.), introduction to the examination rules.

2) Answer questions online (45 minutes):

The second test is graded, with a full score of 160 points. It is an adaptive test, and the difficulty of the test will be adjusted according to the answering situation. It is tested in four dimensions: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

3) Video interview and writing sample (10 minutes):

This section of the test is not graded but will be submitted to the University for reference along with the transcript.

Duolingo exam perfect cheating method

The safest way to cheat on Duolingo exams is to cheat using remote software. Because the DET test will be detected by the proctor system throughout the test, if the candidate uses the computer to access external programs or software during the test and is found, the test will be canceled by you. In order to ensure the safety of duolingo test cheating, it is necessary to use the most advanced cheating technology and hire gunmen with extremely high English proficiency.

Our institution uses encrypted remote software, which can ensure that cheating will not be detected by Duolingo official website system monitoring. Our remote control software has been tested repeatedly, and has never been identified by the system in thousands of test-taking services, and the safety factor is extremely high.

We will select for you the shooter that best meets your test score requirements, and before the Duolingo test day, we will arrange duolingo test helper to install our exclusive software for you. On the Duolingo test day, the shooter will forward and control your computer through the server 1 hour in advance, obtain the test questions as soon as the test starts, and pass the answers to you. After duolingo cheating technology, we will automatically destroy the remote software immediately without leaving any traces.

Precautions for Duolingo testing

1) Prepare the computer for the exam. To take the Duolingo English Test, you need a computer with a microphone, speakers, and a camera, ideally in the middle of the monitor or screen.

2) Test computer system:

On a desktop or laptop, testing can be done with Windows or macOS operating systems. Not available on Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, or other mobile devices, and testing does not support Chromium and Linux operating systems.

Although some test takers have successfully completed the Duolingo English Test using Windows 7, the Duolingo English Test cannot guarantee effective support or technical assistance to test takers who use Windows 7 to take the test. Windows 7 users are advised to test on a Mac instead, or a device with Windows 11, or upgrade to Windows 10.

3) Duolingo Test Cheat Tips

  • Candidates should pay attention to their actions

When cheating on the Duolingo test, candidates must not move around. Frequent movements may be judged as cheating. In the speaking test, the eyes should look at the screen or the camera, and do not look around; in the writing test, do not frequently look from the screen to the keyboard. It is best to practice blind typing in advance.

  •  Candidates should pay attention to facial expressions

When cheating, the face must show a state of thinking.

  •  Candidates should keep their hands away from the mouse and keyboard for a long time

Candidates should put their hands on the mouse or keyboard at all times, and imitate the typing of the examinee’s hands when writing questions, so as to ensure that the keyboard has typing sound.

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