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The TOEFL test is considered to be a high-quality language proficiency test, which can help assess candidates’ language proficiency in an English context. TOEFL scores are widely used in scenarios such as applying for study abroad, immigration or work around the world. You should know that the TOEFL score standard is also relatively high. The minimum TOEFL score requirement for general universities is 100 or more, and each program has different minimum score requirements. Although the launch of the TOEFL online test allows more candidates to give full play to their strengths and obtain satisfactory scores, the rules of the TOEFL online test also prevent many candidates from scoring smoothly.

In recent years, more and more candidates have taken the home version of the TOEFL test. After each test, many candidates find that their test scores are “held” or cancelled directly. This is because the TOEFL online test is different from the traditional TOEFL test. Although there is no real person invigilator on the test site, the online test uses anti-cheating proctor software and the invigilator monitors every move of the test taker through the camera at all times. This has caused many candidates to violate the examination regulations without knowing it, and finally failed to score. If you want to get home TOEFL test scores in one go, look for professional TOEFL online test helper. It is also the choice of many candidates to hire a professional TOEFL shooter to help them complete the TOEFL online test.

1. What is TOEFL online score “hold”?

Many candidates who took the online TOEFL test found that their test scores were “locked” due to some special reasons, for example: “Tested-Scores on Hold” is displayed in the test status column after the TOEFL home test; The last column of the test status always shows “scheduled+blank”. This means that the test taker’s TOEFL online test score has been “hold”.


2. Why is the TOEFL online test score “hold”?

The “hold” of TOEFL home test results means that your test results cannot be released or confirmed temporarily. This is usually due to an ETS review or investigation of test results.


The situation where the test score is “hold” may be caused by the following reasons:

1) Candidates behave suspiciously during the test, and ETS may investigate any suspicious behaviour detected by the test taker during the test.

2) Allegations of cheating, if someone accuses a candidate of cheating on a test, ETS may investigate it.

3) In the event of a technical failure, ETS may temporarily suspend the release of scores until the problem is resolved.

4) Candidates have a huge difference in TOEFL scores between the two tests.

5) ETS found that the candidate’s composition or spoken language was similar to others.

6) Candidates’ TOEFL scores in the first two items are much higher than in the latter two items.

7) In the same TOEFL online test, a large number of people were found to be cheating at the same time, even if you did not cheat, you may be held.

If your test score is held, ETS will usually investigate and release the score as soon as possible. You can contact ETS for details.

3. What should you do if your TOEFL score is “hold”?

When you find that your score is “hold”, you can take the initiative to contact the US ETS. During the period when your TOEFL score is held, it is best not to take the test, otherwise the score may also be held. If you have already registered for the next TOEFL test, it is recommended to transfer to the test.

You can take the initiative to call and send emails to contact ETS in the United States (it is best to use the phone directly, which is more efficient). The department responsible for the hold status of ETS is called office of test integrity, and the official website is called OTI for short.


4. Professional online TOEFL test help

Although the TOEFL online test is more convenient and efficient than the traditional TOEFL test, it is also full of challenges. Candidates are likely to violate the rules because they are not familiar with the TOEFL online test rules. In order to avoid TOEFL scores being held or other situations, you can choose to find professional online TOEFL test help, and let toefl test helper help you pass the test smoothly.

You can hire a professional TOEFL shooter to take the TOEFL online test. The shooter has a better understanding of the rules and requirements of the TOEFL test, and can completely avoid any situation that may lead to score failure.

Although ETS has stepped up efforts to crack down on TOEFL test takers and TOEFL cheating, professional cheating agencies and gunmen have experienced many battles, have sufficient TOEFL test experience and perfect TOEFL cheating techniques, which can fully guarantee the safety of cheating and test scores.


5. Get someone to help you take the home version of the TOEFL

Due to the particularity of the format and rules of the home version of the TOEFL test, the cheating methods of the home version of the TOEFL test are also constantly being innovated. Usually asking someone to help you take the TOEFL online test requires a hidden remote software and a mobile phone. Gunner will synchronize your computer with remote software to obtain the test questions and pass the test answers to your mobile phone. You only need to answer the questions according to the answers on the mobile phone.


We can provide TOEFL gunners of all levels. No matter what TOEFL score you need, we can guarantee that you can choose the most suitable gunner. In addition, our cheating tools are also very safe and private and have not been discovered by the TOEFL online test proctoring system so far. Let us cheat on the home version of the TOEFL test for you, it is definitely a very cost-effective choice.

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