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TOEFL is a language test that tests English proficiency for non-native English speakers. It is divided into TOEFL offline test and TOEFL online test. The TOEFL score can be said to be a necessary test score for studying abroad. Most colleges and universities stipulate the minimum TOEFL admission score for applicants. For the TOEFL test, candidates whose English is not their native language, especially those with poor English foundation, need to prepare for several months to take multiple tests to get the TOEFL score they want, which means that candidates need to invest a lot of time and cost. Before the application season comes, candidates are looking for a way to score quickly. Many people choose to cheat on TOEFL and let professional TOEFL gunners help them complete the test, so that they can get high scores as quickly as possible. Reliable TOEFL cheating agencies and gunners can guarantee points, and online TOEFL exams Help With Guarantee of an A or B Grades.


1.  How to take the online TOEFL test

In fact, the TOEFL iBT is exactly the same as the TOEFL offline test except for the test format, test content, test duration, and scoring standards. The online TOEFL test is also composed of 4 parts, which are reading, listening, speaking and writing.

If you plan to take the TOEFL home test, you need to register according to the following procedures:

Register for the TOEFL test on the official website, choose “Home Test” as the test format, and provide your personal information, including name, nationality, date of birth, ID number, contact information, etc.;

Select an exam date and time. Tips, there are only two chances to take the TOEFL home test each month, and the test location is the address you filled in;

When confirming the test information, you need to provide a copy of your ID card and a photo without a hat;

After confirming the test information, you need to pay the test fee, the test fee for the TOEFL home test is 180 US dollars;

One day before the test date, you need to download the test software and install it on your computer;

On the day of the test, when the test time starts, open the test software and follow the prompts to take the test. You need to complete all test content within the specified time;

TOEFL test scores will be released within 2 weeks after the test.


2. Online TOEFL proctoring method

The TOEFL home test means that candidates can use their own computers to take the TOEFL test at home. The online TOEFL test uses face recognition technology and camera monitoring, and invigilators monitor the test takers through the camera.


3. Plans to hire someone to help take the online TOEFL test

1) What kind of TOEFL test agency should I choose?

A TOEFL test agency is the key to successful cheating. A professional test agency can ensure cheating safety and cheating scores. Although there are many institutions that provide TOEFL cheating services around the world, it does not mean that all institutions can guarantee the safety of cheating and can guarantee that the TOEFL test can reach A or B grades. Therefore, candidates need to keep their eyes open and carefully choose TOEFL cheating institutions. We are a senior institution with many years of experience in TOEFL test-taking service, leading cheating technology of other institutions, and the top TOEFL shooter in the industry. We can provide you with 100% safe online TOEFL test service. In addition, in order to protect the rights and interests of each candidate, we also promise to refund all the fees paid by the candidate if the cheating fails.

2) Who to choose to help me take the online TOEFL test

In fact, cheating on the online TOEFL test is already a very common phenomenon. Many candidates pass the test by asking someone to help them take the TOEFL test. The TOEFL shooter hired is related to whether the TOEFL test can get an A or B grade, so what kind of TOEFL online test helper to choose is very important. Judging from the success rate of the substitute test, the success rate of choosing a professional organization to provide gunners with cheating in the test is higher. Our TOEFL testers are all native English speakers from famous schools in the world. They have a good understanding of the TOEFL test content, test requirements and test scoring mechanism. We will choose the most suitable test takers according to the needs of candidates.

3) What kind of TOEFL cheating method to choose

TOEFL cheating can choose to cheat by taking photos, cheating with remote software, etc. According to the share rate, the most reliable way to cheat is to use remote software to cheat. The TOEFL shooter connects to the examinee’s computer through remote cheating software, and synchronizes the examinee’s computer to obtain the test questions after the test begins. Candidates also need to prepare a mobile phone or other electronic devices that can receive information, and place it behind the computer so that the camera cannot detect it. After seeing the test questions, TOEFL Gunner will send the answers to the candidates’ mobile phones, and the candidates only need to choose according to the answers. We will let professional toefl test helper install cheating remote plug-ins for you before the test day, and will conduct cheating training for you to prevent any mistakes during the test.


4. How to keep online TOEFL test help safe?

1) According to the TOEFL home test requirements, check the test equipment and test environment

The pre-test identity and environment checks for the TOEFL home test are very strict: passports within the validity period must be prepared; there is only one candidate in the test room, and you must keep quiet during the test to ensure that the camera can see the door; Place test-related items: computers, pens, whiteboards, and ID cards/passports.

2) Detect network status and close suspicious programs

Before the test, other programs running in the background of the computer should be closed; before the test, check the network status several times to ensure that the network speed is normal, and the network speed should preferably reach 100M. Because during the TOEFL home test, if the network card disconnects, it may cause abnormalities in our remote control software, and the test will be canceled if the connection is disconnected for a long time.

3) Cooperate with TOEFL shooter to manage actions and expressions

Our cheating method does not require customers to wear hidden earphones and other objects, but because the TOEFL home test is proctored through the camera throughout the entire process, any inappropriate actions will make the proctor suspicious, resulting in cheating being discovered.

Therefore, during the test, candidates must cooperate with the TOEFL Gunner remote operation, manage their movements and expressions, and make it natural and smooth. The state of the question; while looking at the question and doing the question, the face is in a state of thinking, so that the invigilator will think that the examinee is answering the question by himself.

4) You need to explain the situation in advance and test records

If you have ever taken the TOEFL test, be sure to explain your previous test scores to us in advance, so as to fully protect against cheating in the TOEFL home test and not waste a chance to take the test.

5) Intermission time of the exam

After the reading and listening part of the TOEFL home test, there will be a 10-minute intermission. Do not leave at will. If you do not return within the specified time, your test score will be cancelled.


5. The specific process of online TOEFL cheating

TOEFL candidates must first agree with us on the date and time of the test and provide the TOEFL score guarantee requirements, and then the candidates should register on the TOEFL official website according to the test time agreed upon by both parties, and we will select the appropriate shooter according to the test scores of the candidates;

After the registration is completed, we will arrange for customer service to remotely install the test-taking software for candidates and conduct test rehearsal tests;

On the day of the test, the shooter will remotely control the test computer 2 hours in advance;

Candidates cooperate with the invigilator to show their passports, computer screens, test venues, etc., and complete the identity and environment testing;

After the official start of the online TOEFL test, the gunner obtains the test content, remotely operates the test computer and mouse, and completes the test questions on behalf of the examinee.

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