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What happens if we get caught cheating in IELTS?

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The IELTS test is an international English assessment test that can help students make decisions in applying for study abroad or employment, and can also provide universities and schools with information about students’ English proficiency. The IELTS test can test students’ ability to actually use English, so the test content is similar to the situation of using English in daily life or work. There are two versions of the IELTS test: the academic version and the general version, which can meet the needs of different candidates and help them provide strong support for studying abroad, employment or immigration applications. The IELTS test will be difficult for candidates whose English is not their native language, especially for candidates with a poor English foundation; it will take a lot of time and effort to prepare. In order to quickly pass the IELTS test in a short period of time and obtain satisfactory results, many candidates choose to cheat on IELTS and hire someone to help them take the IELTS test. Of course, if you choose to cheat in the IELTS test, you have to take risks. IELTS officials have also found that many candidates cheated. What if we get caught cheating in IELTS? How to avoid being caught cheating in IELTS?


1.  What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an internationally standardized test for testing English proficiency. IELTS scores are widely accepted, and IELTS scores are used by many universities, schools and immigration authorities as a criterion for admission or visa applications.

There are two versions of the IELTS test, the academic version and the general version. The academic version is for students applying to study abroad or attend higher education institutions, while the general version is for people applying for jobs or immigrating to English-speaking countries.

The IELTS test includes four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking, and each part corresponds to a different English skill: the listening test examines the students’ listening comprehension ability, the reading test examines the students’ reading comprehension ability, the writing test examines the students’ writing ability, oral English The test examines the students’ oral expression ability.


2. How to sign up for the IELTS test?

If you plan to take the IELTS test, you can follow the steps below to register:

You can choose to register online on the IELTS official website, or you can choose to find the IELTS test centre in your country/region on the IELTS official website to register. If you choose to register online, you need to prepare a credit card or debit card to pay the test fee. If you choose to register through an agent, you need to prepare registration materials according to the requirements of the agency and pay the examination fee;

Select exam type (General Training/Academic) and date;

To upload personal information, you need to prepare a passport photo to register your identity information, and you also need to provide an electronic passport photo;

Submit the registration form and pay the examination fee;

Confirm the registration information and wait for the test notification. After you submit the registration form, the IELTS test centre will review your registration information and send a confirmation message to your email. Before the test date arrives, you will also receive a test notification telling you the test time, location and precautions.

Take the test and receive the grade. After the test, you can check your IELTS score on the official IELTS website.


3. What is the difference betweentheIELTS indicator and the traditional IELTS test?

IELTS Indicator is an online test that IELTS officially launched during the COVID-19 pandemic that can be taken at home. It helps universities, schools and other institutions to evaluate their English proficiency for candidates who are temporarily unable to take the traditional IELTS test due to the impact of the pandemic. The content of the IELTS Indicator is basically the same as that of the traditional IELTS test, including four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking. However, the IELTS Indicator test is administered online at a slightly different time, and the IELTS Indicator test results are automatically assessed by computer, so test-takers receive their score report immediately after the test. The speaking test of the IELTS Indicator also adopts the mode of “everyone dialogue”. Candidates will have one-on-one real-time interactive communication with real IELTS examiners through online video.

How recognized is the IELTS Indicator? IELTS Indicator has been recognized by academic institutions in many countries or regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe and Asia, which also shows that if you want to apply for foreign institutions, you can apply with the results of IELTS Indicator.

In general, the IELTS Indicator test is a convenient and quick way to test English proficiency and is suitable for students who cannot take the traditional IELTS test at present.


4. How does IELTS cheat work?

How to cheat in IELTS? The traditional IELTS test needs to go to an offline test centre. You can only choose an IELTS gunner who looks similar to the candidate to go to the test venue to take the test instead of the candidate. The risk of cheating is high, so it is not recommended to choose an IELTS gunner to take the test instead. The IELTS indicator is tested at home and does not need to go to a designated test centre. It only requires candidates to prepare the test room and test equipment by themselves, so there is more room for cheating.

The current IELTS cheating generally adopts the method of remote test substitution. The shooter uses professional remote cheating software to connect to the test computer, and the shooter completes all test questions through the remote software. Candidates need to prepare a mobile phone and place it out of sight of the computer camera. IELTS Gunner will send the answers to the completed questions to the mobile phone, and candidates can copy the answers to complete the IELTS test.

We will let professional IELTS indicator test helper  install cheating remote plug-ins for you before the test day, and will conduct cheating training for you to prevent any mistakes during the test.


5. If isit guaranteed that IELTS cheating will not be discovered?

If you want to ensure that IELTS cheating is not discovered, you must first find a reliable cheating agency. Professional and reliable IELTS cheating agencies have many IELTS gunners to choose from, tools to avoid invigilation, and operating procedures to ensure safe cheating. Candidates must carefully choose an IELTS cheating institution, which can be considered from the establishment year of the cheating institution, the success rate of cheating, IELTS cheating tools, the academic background of the IELTS cheating shooter, and the price of IELTS cheating.


In addition, during the process of cheating in IELTS, you must abide by the rules of the IELTS test, and you must not do anything that makes the invigilator suspicious, including:

If you are using a Windows computer, it is best to uninstall the software that needs to access the screen (ZOOM, todesk, etc.) at the end. Before entering the exam, be sure to close the browser, anti-virus software and other software that are not related to the exam;

If you use a MAC computer, it is recommended to uninstall all officially pointed out software;

The microphone and camera are turned on throughout the exam, so be sure to test whether the microphone and camera are available in advance and choose a quiet environment.

Remember to mute or switch off your phone;

Do not leave your seat during the test.

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