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How to cheat on a proctored exam?

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As a result of increased educational and social competition, contemporary society places an increased emphasis on all types of grades, causing some students to resort to informal means to ensure that their grades meet expectations. Many students may have no choice but to seek additional help to reduce their exam stress due to anxiety, self-doubt or an over-emphasis on grades. When examination officials discover that candidates are using cheating to take examinations, they begin to take the necessary invigilation measures to regulate their behaviour. In some countries and regions, cheating on exams may be considered an offence, and schools and societies usually have appropriate penalties in place for students caught cheating, which include not only nullification of grades, but also possible academic sanctions or other legal consequences.

Therefore, despite the fact that there are cases where students are willing to pay for exam cheating websites, there are still many cheating students who are caught cheating by invigilators and punished accordingly. Many mainstream international exams are now constantly improving their invigilation strategies to meet the challenges of cheating behaviour by candidates. Candidates need to be well prepared if they want to make sure that they are not caught cheating.How to cheat on a proctored exam?Read this article to get the answer.

1. Why is it important to know the rules for proctored exams?

It is very important to know about the invigilation methods and invigilation rules before the exam to help candidates avoid irregularities during the exam. Candidates must be aware of these key points related to exam invigilation as listed below:

Definition and types of exam cheating: candidates need to understand what behaviour exam officials consider as cheating and the consequences of being caught cheating.
Rules on the use of electronic devices: candidates need to know whether officials allow the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and calculators during the exam and how to use them in the right way.
Question Paper and Answer Card Requirements: Candidates are expected to know how to fill in their answers correctly, including filling in the options and writing fonts.
Rest and dietary requirements: exams should be aware of whether breaks are allowed during the exam and whether there are specific dietary requirements.
Time Allocation: Candidates should be aware of the time allocated for the exam to ensure that all questions are completed in a reasonable amount of time.


2. Rules for Proctored online exams

If a candidate wants to complete the online exam successfully and not have the exam terminated due to some mistakes during the exam, he/she should know the rules of the Proctored online exam first. If you want to cheat on a proctored exam, you should know which behaviours will be considered as cheating and irregularities, and then use targeted methods to avoid the monitoring of the invigilator. online exam preparation is very important, candidates should download and install the exam software or application on their computers, and make sure that all the devices and software have been updated to the latest version. and make sure that all devices and software are updated to the latest version. Candidates should also make sure that they have a stable internet connection to prevent internet disconnection during the exam; prepare a backup power supply for the computer to avoid interruption of the exam due to insufficient power; and prepare a quiet and well-lit environment for the exam to ensure that no one will be disturbed during the exam. On the day of the online exam, candidates are required to complete the exam login and identity verification, which is not a complicated process, as long as candidates follow the instructions to log in to the exam system and use valid identity information for registration and identity verification.

During the online exam candidates should be careful to adhere to the time limits of the exam, they can only submit their papers within the specified time, they are not allowed to access any unauthorised resources or materials, and they are not allowed to copy, paste or any of the content of the exam. There are also restrictions on the use of electronic devices on the online exam, and out of the permission of the scoring exam official, otherwise candidates are not permitted to place any electronic devices on their desktop, including mobile phones, tablets, electronic watches, calculators, etc. Anytime a candidate is convicted of violating the proctored exam rules, it will most likely result in a nullified exam score.

3.How to cheat on a proctored exam?

How to cheat on a proctored exam?Onlinetaker has exclusive secure exam cheating services for candidates to choose from, with no thresholds or limitations, to meet most exam cheating needs. We are committed to enabling candidates to cheat their way to a high score without wasting time and in complete safety. Because we have the best proctored exam cheating technology and team of exam helpers. Olinetaker has the most detailed understanding of the proctored exams and their requirements, and has developed a professional exam cheating process to ensure that no traces of cheating will be detected by the proctored exam platforms and invigilators.

How can I hire someone to take my Proctored exam? If you have a strong will to cheat, you can contact onlinetaker’s customer service to leave your exam needs, and we will give you a specific exam cheating plan within 3 hours. When we reach a cooperation, you will get an exclusive staff to assist the exam, and an exam helper who is responsible for your exam scores.For many candidates who have been found cheating online exam, we also understand the reasons why they have been caught, and in this regard, we constantly adjust the details of online exam cheating.Onlinetaker’s remote cheating plugin is able to hide the active processes from the proctoring platform to detect the candidate’s computer. Onlinetaker’s remote cheating plug-in hides active processes from the invigilator platform and does not detect any abnormalities on the candidate’s computer. We will install the cheating plug-in for internal candidates and then test the local operation of the remote cheating plug-in on candidates’ computers to ensure that there is no problem with the plug-in’s operation. On the day of the online exam, staff members will teach the candidate how to hide the answer receiving device, and after the exam starts the candidate can will receive the correct answers sent by the shooter on the cheating device. We have schoolmasters from the world’s top schools to ensure that candidates’ proctored exam scores meet the requirements. onlinetaker, as a test cheating website, has a very mature test proctoring business under its banner, and our online exam cheating success rate is the first in the whole network, which is dedicated to helping candidates avoid most of the dangers of cheating on exams.Onlinetaker’s prices for test cheating services have always been among the best in the industry, and will never be much higher than those quoted in the industry. For several years our website has insisted on open and transparent pricing, and every candidate will know exactly how the price of hiring someone to take their exam is assessed.

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