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The Duolingo exam has very high standards for English hearing, vocabulary, and general response time. International students would be under significant psychological stress as a result of the urgent situation. Do you need additional assurance in finishing the Duolingo exam on your own? Call OnlineTaker and let her help you obtain high scores!

our mission

Get high marks for every student!


1vs1 personalized insurance scheme

We, OnlineTaker, have been in the Duolingo exam help test for many years. We have solid operational standards to assure the service quality of the Duolingo exam assistance. Our primary goal is to accommodate the various needs of each applicant. As a result, we will create a fully individualized grading method based on their unique circumstances to enable a seamless completion of their Duolingo test-taking service..


Safe and Reliable

The usage of the Duolingo test-taking service is not permitted to be made public. As a result, we pay great attention to the safety of Duolingo applicants throughout the development process. You can be confident that we have implemented the best anti-defense college tracking system and enterprise-level personal information protection system and that each service link will be secure. If you do not get the required score after finishing the test-taking service, we will arrange for a retest or a complete refund..


Fair price, no fraud

The market price for Duolingo test-taking institutes varies. In general, we shall provide correct service price data to applicants before the start of relevant services. The local market economy primarily sets our service charges, so you don’t have to worry about our pricing being too high..

 Duolingo test-taking service process

Candidates need to comprehensively investigate the price, safety, quality, and service process of relevant test-taking institutions in the market with an apparent demand for the test.

After the test help examination institution is finalized, candidates need to provide specific information about the test help examination to the website staff, For example, (time, place, score requirements, method, and history of the Duolingo test).

We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the fee for the test help service while arranging suitable test help experts for you; If there is no objection, the examinee shall pay 50% of the Duolingo test help service price in advance as a deposit.

The test-taking tools we provide are exclusively developed by us and can be installed through remote control. Candidates need to conduct training and improve their psychological quality before the test-taking service starts.

On the day of the test help test, candidates need to contact the test-taking expert of Duolingo in advance to make personal settings and examination room inspections. During the test help test, remember to cooperate with the test-taking expert of Duolingo in answering questions.

After the Duolingo test help is completed, the examinee can wait 2 working days to get the relevant scores. The examinee can pay 50% of the service fee if the scores are up to the standard.

Our Platform

The language test is difficult, but this is a great opportunity

Duolingo test-taking service plan

For Duolingo’s English assessment tests that rely entirely on the network, OnlineTaker has always arranged for candidates to use the remote test help software developed exclusively. It has yet to be widely used in the market. At present, it can still well avoid the inspection of the AI invigilating system and is fully compatible with the candidates’ computers. Before the Duolingo test help service starts, our staff will install the test help software into the candidates’ computers. Confirm that the Duolingo test-taking service is running smoothly. You don’t need to worry about the hidden danger of this software. OnlineTaker promises you that he will not steal any information from your computer. Once the test-taking service is completed, we will destroy it without any hidden danger. Please rest assured.

Platform Features

Of course, dear examinees, OnlineTaker is one of the famous Duolingo test-takinginstitutions in the international market. On the Internet, you can check our officially registered website and see our comprehensive strength in expert teams, security measures, and service quality. We have a strict screening mechanism and a secure and stable third-party payment channel to meet the needs of the candidates of Duolingo, and we will ensure the smooth operation of the service and risk avoidance under any circumstances.

Of course not, dear examinee. Please rest assured. Without your permission, we will put a thick mosaic on your report card and will not secretly check or do other things without your consent.

Dear examinee, OnlineTaker will provide an excellent after-sales service guarantee in the Duolingo test-taking service process. If your Duolingo test results are not up to standard, we will give you a complete refund or free re-examination arrangements and other services, which will not affect your service experience.

Dear examinees, because OnlineTaker’s Duolingo test help service is widely promoted worldwide, different examinees have different prices for the Duolingo test help service. Considering the economic situation of the examinees, OnlineTaker has specially arranged an installment payment structure for the candidates, so they don’t have to worry about their lives being greatly affected by choosing the test help service.

Dear examinees, we, OnlineTaker Duolingo, have arranged an excellent emergency braking scheme for the examinees. With our relationship network developed over the years, minimizing the impact on the examinees is straightforward. However, so far, OnlineTaker has not found any candidates in the process of taking the test on behalf of Duolingo. Our security protection mechanisms are top-notch. As long as the candidates do not make mistakes, the service of Duolingo can be completed.

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