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What happens if I hire someone to take my gre and get caught?

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Can I pay someone to take the GRE for me?The GRE test is a popular choice for many individuals applying for graduate programs because it is widely accepted, versatile, and provides a fair and consistent evaluation of their abilities. GRE scores are accepted by thousands of graduate programs and business schools worldwide, making it a widely recognized and respected exam today. The GRE test is not just a language test, but rather assesses a range of skills and abilities, including verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. As a result, the GRE is a challenging exam that requires a significant amount of preparation, including a thorough understanding of the format and content of the test and practice with test-taking strategies. If a candidate does not invest time in proper preparation, they are likely to struggle on the GRE test. Thus, while the GRE is popular, its high level of difficulty leads to frequent failures among many test-takers. Some test-takers urgently need a GRE score and choose to hire someone to take the test for them. What if I get caught hiring someone to take my GRE for me?

What are the consequences if caught cheating on the GRE exam?

Before the advent of online GRE testing, cheating on the GRE was done by having someone take the exam in the place of the actual candidate. This method was straightforward but carried a high risk of being caught. With the introduction of online GRE testing by ETS, cheating on the GRE has become more favorable for many candidates. However, due to some advanced GRE cheating techniques not being sophisticated enough, a large number of candidates have been caught cheating. So, what are the consequences if caught hiring someone to take the online GRE test?


If caught cheating on the GRE exam by using a proxy, this can result in severe consequences. If the act of cheating is discovered, the student’s GRE scores may be cancelled, and the applied schools will not accept the test results. Additionally, since cheating is a violation of the exam rules, the student may face legal issues and may even be subject to penalties such as fines or imprisonment. In conclusion, hiring someone to take the GRE for you involves risks, and students must be prepared to face the consequences.



Why is hiring someone to take the GRE for you detected?

1)Abnormal behavior of the test taker during the exam

What are the implications of caught Paying Someone Take GRE for me?The GRE online exam is monitored by live remote proctors and AI systems, which means that the test taker’s every move will be seen by the proctor. Therefore, as long as the test taker’s actions, eyes, and posture are off, they will be considered as a violation by the proctor. The monitoring system will also record the test taker’s actions through the monitoring camera and upload them to the system background. Furthermore, if the test taker suddenly leaves the range of the camera during the exam, it will also be considered a violation of the GRE exam.

2)Examination equipment does not meet requirements

The GRE online exam is taken via the internet, so examination equipment is very important. The computer and devices used by the examinee must be pre-inspected. ETS has clear requirements for the equipment used in the GRE online exam, as well as how the equipment should be set up during the exam. If the examinee does not set up the relevant equipment functions as required before the exam, the AI monitoring system will perform an online inspection of the examinee’s answer equipment through subsequent inspection tools. As soon as any non-compliance is found, there is a high likelihood that the examinee will be caught as a surrogate by the monitor and then caught.

3)Unqualified placement of items in the exam area

Before the start of the GRE online exam, the invigilator will inspect the exam area through the camera to check if there are any electronic products or materials on the desk. Therefore, if you want to safely take the GRE substitute exam without being detected, you must carefully inspect the exam area and never place other related study materials or tools within the exam scope. If this is the case, you will easily be considered to have violated the rules. In addition, the GRE online exam is not only supervised by real people, but also by a smart network supervision system, which makes the supervision mode more intelligent and stringent than offline supervision. In short, if you don’t want to be considered a violation of the GRE online exam, you need to prepare in advance for the placement of items on the exam desk.


How to avoid being discovered while hiring someone to take the GRE for you?

Nowadays, the business of hiring gre exam helpers to take the GRE online exam for you is quite mature, and many excellent GRE surrogacy websites can successfully complete the surrogacy. In addition to the importance of the GRE surrogacy website, the examinee also needs to cooperate well with the shooter’s operation during the exam, and not to arouse the suspicion of the invigilator, then surrogacy will be very easy to succeed. How to avoid being discovered while hiring someone to take the GRE for you?


Candidates must manage their expressions

The invigilator will monitor the candidate’s performance throughout the exam via camera. Any unusual behavior can raise suspicions. Therefore, during the remote proctoring process, the candidate must pay attention to: The candidate’s head and hands should not be moved around randomly. If the candidate’s head is often looking around and their hands are constantly shaking, it can easily attract the invigilator’s attention. During the exam, the candidate’s hands should always be placed on the mouse or keyboard to look like they are answering questions, and the candidate’s facial expression should not be constant, but show a thinking expression.


Must thoroughly confirm the exam equipment and network status before the exam

The internet connection for the GRE online exam is very important, so the test-taker must ensure that the network is extremely stable and smooth. If the connection is interrupted during the GRE exam at home, the exam will automatically stop and the invigilator will need to recheck before continuing the exam, which may lead to the remote control software having an exception and long-term disconnection may affect the exam being cancelled. One hour before the start of the GRE online exam, the test-taker can also test the network situation again.

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