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How can I avoid IELTS cheating punishment?

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IELTS is not simply a test of English language proficiency; it examines a candidate’s ability to apply English in a specific context. IELTS examines not only the candidate’s English language ability, but also involves academic aspects. Candidates need to familiarize themselves with the format of the IELTS test, as well as the question types and time allocation for each IELTS subject, so that they can better master the answering skills and improve the efficiency of answering questions. IELTS Listening and Reading is the most difficult subject for many candidates to break through the high scores, because IELTS Speaking answers not only answer the examiner’s questions, but also includes describing charts, discussing topics, etc., and has high requirements for the candidates’ speaking fluency and word accuracy. The IELTS listening section, on the other hand, may encounter a variety of English accents and speeds of speech, and candidates need to take the initiative to adapt to different listening environments. In conclusion, in order to get a good score in the IELTS exam, in addition to having a solid foundation in English, you also need to understand and avoid some of the misconceptions of the IELTS exam, as well as being wrongly convicted of cheating.

If I want to cheat in IELTS,how can I avoid IELTS cheating punishment?Tens of thousands of candidates around the world are working hard for IELTS, and to stand out from so much competition you need to use the most effective way.IELTS CHEATING is the quickest and most direct of the many ways to improve IELTS scores, and it’s just that choosing the Cheating on the IELTS test must be done with a clear consideration of the penalties you may face if you fail to cheat. You must get the help of a competent and authoritative IELTS cheating organization so that you can get the score you want through IELTS cheating in a safe manner. With Onlinetaker by your side, you can hire our talented online test helpers to help you  go a long way on your way to your dreams!

Why was I wrongly convicted of cheating?

As one of the definitive measures of English proficiency worldwide, the IELTS test attracts tens of thousands of candidates every year. It is just that there are also many candidates who have reported that they were judged to be suspected of cheating even though they clearly did not cheat. Why is it that many candidates are judged to be suspected of cheating even though they are clearly not ielts cheat?Onlinetaker-the most professional cheating website, after an in-depth investigation, found that many of the candidates who were misjudged to be cheating are often due to several reasons:

The first misjudgment, IELTS supervisors may be candidates some unconscious action or behavior misjudged as cheating, such as in the candidate in the examination process frequently look at the time or scribbled on the draft paper, these may be regarded as signs of cheating;
The second misjudgment is due to irregularities in the environment of the examination room, such as malfunctioning of the monitoring equipment inside the examination room or noise interference outside the examination room, which may alert the invigilator to the fact that the candidate has cheated;
The third misjudgment situation, the candidate’s personal information errors, sometimes candidates in the registration of some personal information (name, ID card number, etc.) filled in the error, may also lead to be considered cheating suspected.

In the face of exam miscarriage of justice, many candidates may feel helpless and frustrated. After all, it is the exam they have worked so hard to prepare for for a long time, but they have been penalized because of some unsubstantiated suspicions. If you have been misjudged as suspected of cheating in the IELTS exam, here are some suggestions:
First of all you need to stay calm, don’t panic, understand the whole situation and then take appropriate measures. Then you need to collect all the relevant evidence, such as exam security cameras, exam room records, personal information and so on. These evidences will help you to prove your innocence. The last thing you need to do is to file a complaint with the relevant authorities and explain your situation in detail and ask them to investigate and rectify the mistake.

Common Misconceptions About the IELTS Test Revealed

IELTS, one of the most widely recognized tests of English language proficiency worldwide, is a crucial step towards your dreams for many people. Have you also felt lost or confused in the IELTS test? Have you also stepped into some unknown misconceptions about the IELTS test?Onlinetaker introduces the following 5 common misconceptions about the IELTS test that you can pay attention to:

Misconception 1: Good English foundation does not mean high IELTS score
Many candidates think that a high level of English proficiency means a high IELTS score. In fact, it does not. IELTS examines the candidate’s ability to apply English in a specific environment, including listening, reading, writing and speaking. In addition to basic English, it also examines candidates’ logical thinking, critical thinking and information processing skills.

Myth 2: Memorizing templates will get you high marks
Many candidates directly memorize templates for the IELTS test in order to save time, but this is often counterproductive. Although memorizing templates can provide a general framework for answering questions, rigid expressions and template answers without actual content are difficult to gain favor in front of the examiner.

Myth 3: IELTS reading only requires reading and understanding the article
Not read the article can do a good job of IELTS exam reading questions, IELTS reading in addition to the requirements of understanding the content of the article, but also requires candidates to have a certain degree of information screening and integration capabilities. In the limited time, quickly find the key information is the key to reading questions.

Myth 4: Writing only requires a large vocabulary
Rich IELTS vocabulary is very important for writing, but single-mindedly pursuing vocabulary while neglecting the proper use of vocabulary and sentence fluency often puts candidates at a disadvantage when completing the writing section. Candidates who use authentic, contextualized vocabulary and logical, clear sentence structure in their writing are more likely to win the examiner’s favor.

Myth 5: Speaking can be high scoring if you are fluent
Fluency in speaking is a basic requirement for IELTS, but what is more important during the IELTS exam is that candidates communicate ideas clearly, use vocabulary appropriately, demonstrate logical thinking skills and interact well with the examiner.

What are the IELTS cheating punishments?

If a candidate cheats on the IELTS exam, no matter what kind of cheating method they choose, such as hiring someone to take the IELTS exam instead, or cheating on the IELTS exam through a remote plug-in, as long as you are found by the IELTS official to have solid evidence of cheating, then you will receive a notice of punishment from the IELTS official.What are the IELTS cheating punishments?

Because IELTS officials have a zero-tolerance stance on candidates cheating, the officials will use very severe punishments. The following are the punishments that a candidate may receive when he/she is caught cheating on IELTS:

1. IELTS test results are canceled. As long as the candidate is confirmed to have cheated, the IELTS test score will be invalidated, which means that this IELTS transcript cannot be used for any official purposes, including study abroad application, immigration application, etc.
2. Candidates are banned from taking the IELTS test. Candidates may face a period of time in which they cannot re-enroll in the IELTS exam, and the time limit for this ban depends on the severity of the circumstances of the candidate’s cheating, if the candidate’s cheating behavior is very serious, he/she may be banned from taking the IELTS exam for life.
3. The candidate’s cheating behavior is communicated to the school he/she is applying to. IELTS officials have the right to report information about cheating candidates to the relevant organizations, to the schools to which they have applied, and to the immigration authorities.
4. Legal liability. The most serious case is that the candidate is legally liable, and the IELTS official has the right to provide the relevant information to the law enforcement agencies.


How to avoid ielts cheating punishment?

If you are sure that you want to cheat in IELTS exam, then you have to make sure that you will not be found by IELTS officials, so that you can avoid the IELTS cheating punishment at the root. onlinetaker can help candidates without English foundation to cheat in ielts, you can choose the most suitable one among the ielts helpers in our organization to help you take the exam. The ielts helpers can control the IELTS test score precisely. We are an authoritative IELTS cheating organization, so we understand the rules and policies of IELTS exam and have developed appropriate cheating strategies to avoid the invigilators skillfully. Candidates need to follow our IELTS cheating process step by step, during which an EXAM HELPER and staff are always available to help you with hidden dangers and make sure that the invigilator does not suspect that you are cheating. Before taking the IELTS test, you have to go through a special training in our organization, after getting the professional training you can be more aware of the cheating methods and cheating tools used by Onlinetaker so that it will be smoother during the test as well.

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