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Professional TOEIC cheating experience shared

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When it comes to language certificates that are beneficial to the workplace, we have to mention the TOEIC test certificate, which is an English language test developed by ETS and is specifically designed for the ability to communicate in English in an international work environment, and the TOEIC certificate is highly authoritative. Compared with ielts and toelf, the content of TOEIC is more practical and close to the workplace, covering areas such as business, marketing, trade and personnel management. Compared with academic English exams, TOEIC exams involve less complex advanced vocabulary and language structure, so the difficulty of TOEIC is relatively low, and it is easier for candidates with no English foundation to get started. However, this does not mean that TOEIC is without any difficulty. Candidates also need to master English vocabulary in the business field as well as cope with 200 questions, and many candidates have difficulty in completing all the questions within the time limit.

Nowadays, many international companies also use TOEIC scores as one of the reference standards for recruitment and promotion. If you want to get a job offer from an international company or get promoted in the workplace, then passing the TOEIC test can prove your English ability, which will help you to get more opportunities in your job search and career development. If you don’t have the ability to pass the TOEIC exam, don’t worry, Onlinetaker can help you pass the exam easily. We are experienced TOEIC exam cheating organization and have a lot of experienced online toeic test helper in helping candidates to cheat, we are strong enough to help candidates to strive for high scores in TOIEC exam. In this post, we share our professional TOEIC exam cheating experience to help you clear your confusion about exam cheating.

What is the TOEIC test?

TOEIC is the world’s largest test of business and vocational English. 14,000 companies, organizations, governments and universities around the world recognize and use TOEIC test scores.TOEIC is a computer-based test that consists of two major sections, listening and reading, and lasts for two hours, with a total of 200 questions.TOEIC is scored out of a total of 990 points, and the scores are in the form of grades.

TOEIC test listening part: a total of 4 big questions, 100 small questions, the test time is about 45 minutes. The first question is a photo description, divided into 6 multiple choice questions (choose 1 from 4 options); the second question is a response question, divided into 25 multiple choice questions (choose 1 from 3 options); the third question is a short conversation, divided into 39 multiple choice questions (choose 1 from 4 options); the fourth question is a short article, divided into 30 multiple choice questions (choose 1 from 4 options). The fourth question is a short article, divided into 30 multiple-choice questions (choose 1 out of 4 options).

Reading section of TOEIC test: There are 3 big questions, 100 small questions, and the test time is about 75 minutes. The fifth question is to complete the sentence, divided into 30 single choice questions (choose one from four options); the sixth question is to fill in the blanks, divided into 16 single choice questions (choose one from four options); the seventh question is to read comprehension, divided into 54 single choice questions (choose one from four options).

What should I do before taking the TOEIC test?

Before taking the TOEIC test, there are some things you need to pay attention to, and it is easier to succeed in the test when you are well-prepared. So what do you need to do before taking the TOEIC test?

1. Candidates need to familiarize themselves with the form of the TOEIC test, now you can choose the traditional TOEIC offline test, you can also choose the TOEIC online test. TOEIC home version of the test is no longer only open for corporate employees, individual candidates can also register for the TOEIC online test, candidates need to understand the two forms of the test in advance, to determine the appropriate form of the TOEIC test. Candidates need to understand the two test forms in advance and determine the appropriate TOEIC test form for themselves.

2. Candidates need to familiarize themselves with the TOEIC test format, including understanding the structure and time allocation of the TOEIC test, so that they can effectively manage their time and tasks during the test.

3. There are plans to improve your vocabulary, listening ability and reading ability. In addition to studying TOEIC tutorials, you can improve your vocabulary by memorizing vocabulary books, doing vocabulary exercises or reading business-related English articles. Improve your listening and reading skills by listening to English radio, watching English movies and reading English articles.

4. Candidates need to know the rules of TOEIC exam. If you are taking TOEIC online test, besides knowing the rules of online test, you need to prepare your ID card, test environment, proctoring equipment, network, computer and other hardware equipment according to the official requirements of TOEIC. If they are taking TOEIC offline test, candidates should know the TOEIC test policy announced by the test center and prepare all the items before the test, including: test pass, ID card and so on.

Professional TOEIC cheating experience sharing

What are the general ways of cheating in TOEIC exam?Onlinetaker introduces you to the two most secure and successful cheating methods, these two cheating methods are also corresponding to the two forms of TOEIC exam, that is, the candidates chose a different form of TOEIC exam should be used in different TOEIC cheating methods.

1. Unique experience of cheating in TOEIC online test

For TOEIC online test, we provide TOEIC online remote plug-in cheating program. Candidates can choose the venue to take the TOEIC test, it can be their own home, company or hotel, as long as it can meet the requirements of the online test venue. Candidates should not only prepare the test venue, but also prepare the computer and other equipment for the test, including video recording equipment, speakers, microphones, etc. for invigilation, as well as make sure that they meet the computer system and browser requirements for the TOEIC online test, and download the test software, etc. Candidates only need to make preparations, and other equipment should be ready. Candidates only need to make preparations, the rest can be left to our TOEIC exam helpers. rest assured that Onlinetaker will not directly control the candidates’ computers to answer the questions instead of the candidates, and there are a lot of loopholes in this kind of online exam cheating.
On the day of the TOEIC online exam, exam helper will use a special remote plugin to control the candidate’s computer to get all the TOEIC exam questions, and then deliver the correct answers to the candidate in a hidden way. Using our TOEIC online cheating program will not leave any traces, the remote plug-in is very easy to install and will not show any process during the exam, so it will not be detected by ProctorU.

2.Professional experience of cheating in TOEIC offline test

For the TOEIC exam taken at the test center, you can choose “pay someone to take the TOEIC exam instead of me”, that is to say, there is a special TOEIC exam helper who goes to the TOEIC test center to take the exam in the candidate’s identity on the exam day. It is a very common way to cheat by asking exam helper to finish the exam instead of the candidate, just because the supervisory measures of TOEIC exam centers are getting more and more strict, for example, some exam centers will adopt face recognition technology to prevent people from impersonating candidates to enter the exam room, and some exam centers have set up more links of identity verification and so on. Therefore, it is more dangerous to cheat in TOEIC offline exams, and general cheating organizations can’t guarantee that they can protect TOEIC cheating from being detected.Onlinetaker knows which TOEIC exam centers are more likely to pass the identity verification, and we have a special team that can help exam helper to disguise as the candidate’s appearance, and the candidate’s ID document will also be disguised by special technology to ensure that the candidate’s ID document will not be used. camouflage through special technology to ensure that the TOEIC exam helper can pass the security check session without any problems.

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